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These images show animals that live in the rainforest.

In this activity, students learn about food chains and the role of endangered species in ecosystems.

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This resource introduces the concept of photosynthesis.

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This resource describes the life cycle of the frog. Illustrations and activities are included.

This lesson introduces students to different habitats and the types of animals that live in these habitats.

This resource introduces students to the concept of salinity and sea water.

This lesson introduces students to deep sea animals, their habitats and their characteristics.

This resource introduces students to the different animal groups and their characteristics.

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This module explores how to teach paleontology to students.

This activity helps students learn the difference between fossils and non-fossils.

This lesson introduces students to the eating relationships between plants and animals.  It describes food webs and illustrates examples of food chains in the marine context.

In this lesson students are introduced to the environmental changes that took place during the Dinosaur Era, and explain the extinction of the dinosaurs.

This resource describes the structure of a leaf.  An illustration and comprehension questions are included.

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This resource describes the reproductive structure of flowers. Comprehension exercises follow the reading.

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