Audiobooks Have Come to DDL!

We are excited to share the news that the Darakht-e Danesh Library now includes audiobooks -- in fact, these are the very first audiobooks in Farsi in Afghanistan! Like all of our resources, these are free to listen to, download, and share. We also have some titles for children in the audiobooks collection, like the story “Roya and Rabbit” written by Nilofar Hashimi, illustrated by Ostad Sayed Basir Hashimi and narrated by Abdul Rahim Ahmad Parwani (recording by Wahid Sound Media). This story was originally published by our partner Save the Children International - Afghanistan. It’s a story about children in a village who grow up in close proximity to other living beings. Listen to this touching story of how they learn some important life lessons: 


To find audiobooks on DDL, type (صوتی) in the search window; all audio resources, including audiobooks, will appear in the main page. We will keep the DDL community updated as we add more audiobooks, including in other languages.