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Basic Speller - Lesson 19 - Long and Short <{i}> and <o>

Lesson Nineteen

Long and Short <\text{i}> and <o>

1. You can hear short <\text{i}> in the word hid. We write it this way: [i]. You can hear long <\text{i}> in the word hide. We write it [ī].

2. You can hear short <o> in the word got. We write it [o]. You can hear long <o> in the word goat. We write it [ō].

3. Listen carefully for the long and short <\text{i}>'s and <o>'s in these words. Then sort the words into the groups below:

& \text{big} && \text{sister} && \text{twice} && \text{write} \\ & \text{close} && \text{hotter} && \text{home} && \text{soft} \\ & \text{while} && \text{height} && \text{bridge} &&  \text{six} \\ & \text{open} && \text{so} && \text{bottle} &&  \text{got} \\ & \text{hop} && \text{those} && \text{hide} &&  \text{hid}

Words with . . .
[i] [ī] [o] [ō]

4. Read each word below carefully. If the vowel sound in a word is long, put an \text{X} in the “Long vowel” column. If the vowel sound in a word is short, put an \text{X} in the “Short vowel” column:

Word Long vowel Short vowel
then   X

Word Find. Find the twelve words that have either long or short <o>'s in them:

& \text{hotdog} && \text{cannot} && \text{long} && \text{close} \\ & \text{open} && \text{dot} && \text{so} &&   \text{those} \\ & \text{home} && \text{on} && \text{fox} &&  \text{got}

List the words in alphabetical order:

  1. __________
  2. __________
  3. __________
  4. __________
  5. __________
  6. __________
  7. __________
  8. __________
  9. __________
  10. __________
  11. __________
  12. __________
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