Basic Speller - Lesson 24 - Compound Words

Compound Words

1. You have seen that written words are made up of parts that add meanings to the words and are called elements. Some words are made up of only one element, a free base, like green or travel. But most words are made up of more than one element. For instance, the word greenest is made up of the free base green and the suffix -est: greenest = green + est.

Some words have more than one base. For instance, somebody is made up of the two free bases some and body: In the word somebody two shorter words have combined into one longer one.

Words like somebody that are made up of two or more shorter words are called compound words, or just compounds.

2. Starting at START, trace down the lines and through the boxes. As you combine the first words with the second words, you will make twelve compound words. We've given you a bit of a start:


3. http://www.ck12.org/

4. We have ten common compound words that start with the free base some, like somebody and someone. See how many of the other eight you can think of to fill in the ten blanks below. (If you can think of more, good! Just add extra blanks.)


5. Divide these compounds into their free bases:

Compound = Free Base #1 + Free Base #2
everyday = +
nothing = +
anymore = +
somewhere = +





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