A short guide on the use of technology for learning

This short guide provides an overview of the our full report “Perspectives on technology, resources and learning”. We offer six wider perspectives on the interaction between technology, pedagogy, and educational resources. Theimplementation of technology in the classroom cannot be seen as a one-off process, and a pragmatic Design/Engineering-Based Research approach offers a means of iteratively developing robust designs that can be sustainably implemented in classrooms. Lessons for the successful introduction of technology in schools include technology management and appropriate infrastructure. Holistic strategies for integrating digital and nondigital resources are needed, and teacher professional development (TPD) needs to be aligned with a shared vision across all stakeholders. Indeed, pedagogical practice is not an outcome of technology use, and does not simply change as a result of introducing new technology. Pedagogic spaces must be opened up to promote student dialogue, collaboration and problem-solving activities. This can be supported by a broad range of hardware and software used in conjunction with nondigital tools and resources

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