CATEGORY: Education

Basic Trauma Training - Group Applications

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Trauma is the impact on a person of a distressing or disturbing experience, which can include both emotional and physical symptoms that affect a person’s day to day life in different ways. This course is an introduction to basic trauma, and the use of group methods, as a treatment option. It consists of five modules, and begins by introducing students to the basics of trauma in human beings including its causes, types and symptoms. Students are then oriented to group counselling as a method for supporting those who experience trauma before learning and practicing group facilitation skills themselves. This is complemented with an introduction to trauma management strategies and overview of key principles needed for effective group facilitation. By the end of the course, participants will have basic knowledge of the causes and consequences of trauma in humans, and will learn how facilitated groups support individuals with trauma to move past their trauma. This course is useful for anyone who works with individuals who have experienced trauma, want a deeper understanding of trauma, and want to gain exposure to a practical and accessible group method of mitigating the impacts of trauma.