CATEGORY: Education

Gender-Based Analysis in Education

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This course has been designed for educational leaders in Afghanistan, both women and men, who want to play a role in making sure that every girl and boy has a rich and full educational experience, and reaches their full potential. This material is relevant
to the faculty, staff and management of teacher training colleges and others involved in the professional preparation and development of teachers, to teachers themselves, to organizations working in the education sector in Afghanistan, and to anyone
who wishes to serve as an advocate for gender equity in the education system. We begin by giving you the basic conceptual tools to understand gender analysis and its utility in education. In the second unit, we introduce you to the key tools used
in gender analysis, before moving on to guiding you through the application of these tools in the third unit. The final unit is all about what you do with the results of a gender analysis, and is aimed at equipping you to be ready to take action and
make a difference as a knowledgeable, empowered advocate for gender equity in education.